Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Wednesday 2 July

Ko Rāapa, 2 Hōngongoi
Wednesday 2 July

SODA: Wednesday Wonderings (after the bell!)

Roll/Notices/Admin - Ms Prankerd teaching you today

Wednesday Wondering:

  • You must be in groups of 4 (1x5 or 1x3 depending on numbers)
  • You can only use 2 devices per group (1 device for a group of 3)
  • You must all do the research
  • Be prepared to present your findings back to the class
  • You only have 50 minutes to complete your research

Rotation work:
5 Card Flickr - Creative writing
SpellingCity - Week 9 assignment #2 on iPad followed by Quiz card activity once you've finished your assignment
Maths - "Looking at whole numbers" booklet
Read to self once you've finished

Te Moana BP Sports

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