Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Thursday 31 July

Kō te Rāpare 31 o Hōngongoi tenei rā

Kō te Rāapa 30 o Hōngongoi inanahi

Kō te Rāmere 1 o Here-turi-kōkā āpōpō

Thursday Thunk


Literacy Rotation
Makerspace activity - create something that connects humans to the creative writing prompt - check the art example for an idea
Creative Writing - your story must be completed and published this week - your deadline is Thursday.

Follow-up - complete your follow-up comprehension sheets in your reading folders - make sure you've read the instructions properly - design means that you will create a picture of some sort!

Spelling - students working at list 6 and above (and that's most of you) must get 100% in both the spelling test and the vocabulary test before you move on

Read to self

Maths Rotation
Listen to reading
Te Moana BP Assembly

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