Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Thursday 8 May

Ko te Rāpare, 8 o Haratua i te tau 2014 te ra

Thursday 8 May 2014


Feed back / feed forward

9:30-11:00 - Maintenance Work
Spelling - A surprise from Mr TV

Writing - This week's writing prompt:

... the worst thing that happened these holidays ...
- editing
- share with a friend

Quad blogging: 
- do the second part of the blogging (reading and commenting on the stories others in your group have written)
Group 1 = Sam, Rafe, Isaac, Hamish - Click here
Group 2 = Nina, Ellie, Victoria, Paris - Click here

MathsTimes tables 

Read to self - choose ONE novel from the box to read during this time. Exchange it for a new one when finished

Inquiry work (Maths focus)
Play the SCRAM! game

Listen to reading
Design Challenge: Desk of the future


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