Saturday, 3 May 2014

Monday 5 May

Ko te Rāhina, 5 o Haratua i te tau 2014 te ra

Monday 5 May 2014


Welcome Back
New format for our work 

  • Maintenance vs Inquiry

9:30-10:30 - Maintenance Work
Spelling - essential list test - this is to see where you should start for the Rocket Spelling programme
Number facts test - this will give me a baseline for our maintenance programme
Writing - This week's writing prompt:

... the worst thing that happened these holidays ...

Quad blogging: two groups will be trying out some quad blogging. 
Group 1 = Sam, Rafe, Isaac, Hamish - Click here
Group 2 = Nina, Ellie, Victoria, Paris - Click here


Read to self - choose ONE novel from the box to read during this time. Exchange it for a new one when finished
Inquiry work (Science focus)

  1. What is sustainability overview - recall our learning from Term 1
  2. What are some of the renewable resources we looked at? 
  3. What about sustainability and us? How can we sustain our own bodies? 

Listen to reading
Inquiry work (Maths Focus)
Play the 5Rs Game - how does this fit in with our topic about sustainability?



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