Saturday, 17 May 2014

Monday 19 May

Ko te Rāhina, 19 o Haratua tenei ra

Monday 19 May 2014


Feed back / feed forward 
New jobs for the week

9:30-11:00 - Maintenance Work
New computer timetable - Mon/Wed/Thur - 3 sessions; Tue - 2 sessions (we will adapt this as needed)

Spelling - Log into SpellingCity and work on your assignments and tests - then practise!

Maths - Complete your 3 min basic facts test and the Maths of the day prompt and any other activities


Write a story using this picture as your prompt.

Quad blogging: Check your stories - read my comments and either edit (Rafe, Isaac, Victoria, & Paris) or write your stories for this week.
Group 1 = Sam, Rafe, Isaac, Hamish - Click here
Group 2 = Nina, Ellie, Victoria, Paris - Click here

Read to self - choose ONE novel from the box to read during this time. Exchange it for a new one when finished

Inquiry (Reading focus)

Get your hands dirty!

What are the pros and cons of being a sustainable school?
What are we doing at RBS to be more sustainable?
What might be barriers for us becoming more sustainable?


Listen to reading

Inquiry (Science Focus)
What happens when you put oil and water together?

  • Predict what you think will happen when you put oil and water in the same container. 
  • What do you think might happen if you put some some bicarbonate of soda in a container? 
  • Predict what you think will happen when we freeze a mixture of oil and water?
  • Is there a way to make oil and water mix?



Haere Ra, Ka kite ano. 

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